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Unveiling Kedro's striking new branding

We are thrilled to announce that the Kedro brand has had a makeover. This article shares the inspiration that went into the rebrand and explores the exciting changes that lie ahead.

9 Jun 2023 (last updated 11 Jul 2023)
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Change is a catalyst for growth, and today, we are excited to announce that the Kedro brand has had a makeover.

After four years as an open-source project we decided it was time to redefine our identity to align it with our vision. This article shares the inspiration that went into the rebrand and explores the exciting changes that lie ahead.

Evolution of the Kedro brand

Kedro came into being in 2017 at QuantumBlack, an AI company by McKinsey, where it was initiated to solve the challenges faced regularly in data science projects. It was released in June 2019 as an open-source framework to promote teamwork through standardised team workflows.

In January 2022, McKinsey donated Kedro to the Linux Foundation (LF), one of the world’s largest vendor-neutral consortiums for open-source projects. Kedro is now an incubating project in LF AI & Data, an umbrella foundation launched in 2018 with the mission to support and accelerate the development and innovation of open-source projects in artificial intelligence and data.

The vision

The vision behind Kedro is to reduce naïve tech debt incurred when trying to solve data engineering and data science problems. One of reasons we have adopted a new brand is to better align our visual identity with that vision.

Kedro users and contributors (“Kedroids”) have built an active global developer network, so we chose a brand to reflect our growing worldwide community with an approachable and pioneering style.

One of the objectives of the rebranding is to make it easier for our community to show they have a connection with Kedro with a single, recognisable logo that is easy to repurpose.

Unveiling our new identity

This is the original Kedro logo, which used a gradient.

The original Kedro logo

The updated Kedro logo is easy-to-use with a solid shape instead of a gradient.

The new Kedro logo

We kept the iconic diamond shape but made it bolder and simpler. The Kedro logotype is bold and recognisable and, in lower case, is informal and friendly.

We’ve added another vibrant colour to the Kedro palette: mint green to complement and contrast with the existing yellow.

Kedro palette

The primary font used on all touch points is Inter, as you’ll see on the Kedro website, Kedro-Viz, developer documentation and all our collateral.

The new look of

Into the future

In the four years since we became an open-source project Kedro has exemplified the values associated with a community development model.

As we mark the fourth anniversary since Kedro was open-sourced, we are also embarking upon a new chapter. Kedro will sit at the heart of QuantumBlack Horizon, a recently announced suite of AI development tools aimed at delivering value through use of an industrialised and cohesive production system, tech stack, and operating model. The suite achieves four key objectives:

  • clean, organised, and accurate data across internal and external sources;

  • scalable, repeatable AI models that build on each other;

  • a factory-like approach to model development and monitoring;

  • the performance transparency to enable quick, reliable decision making.

We are excited that our new brand will scale to become the look and feel for QuantumBlack Horizon too. Please join us in a celebration of our fresh new styling, and the exciting possibilities it brings. Together, let us embrace the future and strive to make a positive impact during this dynamic and exciting period in the field of data science and machine learning.

Find out more and Kedro’s new identity

You can find Kedro's brand guidelines and downloads on our GitHub repository.

Thank you to the team

Kedro’s new brand was a combined effort, but particular thanks go to the following people for their huge contribution and enthusiasm:

  • The design genius of Kana Osozawa, Andrew Mackay, Stephanie Kaiser, and Gabriel Comym.

  • The front-end development skills in the Kedro team, namely Tynan DeBold, Huong Nguyen, Rashida Kanchwala, and Ravi Kumar Pilla.

  • The whole Kedro team for input during the initial design workshops, and throughout the update process.

Find out more about Kedro

There are many ways to learn more about Kedro:

On this page:

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