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News from the Kedro Technical Steering Committee

We announce a new member of the Kedro Technical Steering Committee as we move towards Kedro's 4th open source anniversary.

19 Apr 2023 (last updated 10 May 2023)
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We are pleased to confirm that Marcin Zabłocki from GetInData | Part of Xebia has become a member of Kedro’s Technical Steering Committee (TSC) as a Kedro maintainer.

Marcin is an MLOps expert who has made a positive impact on Kedro through his contributions to the codebase and to the Kedro community via the Slack organization, video tutorials and articles. In joining our TSC, Marcin will give another external perspective on the Kedro roadmap and development. We are excited to have him on board. Welcome to the Kedro TSC, Marcin!

Welcome to Marcin Zabłocki

Welcome to the Kedro TSC, Marcin Zabłocki!

About GetInData | Part of Xebia

GetInData | Part of Xebia is a leading Polish expert company delivering cutting-edge Big Data, Cloud, Analytics, and ML/AI solutions. The company was founded in 2014 by data engineers and today brings together 120 big data specialists. The team work with international clients from many industries, e.g. media, e-commerce, retail, fintech, banking, and telco, such as Truecaller, Spotify, ING, Acast, Volt, Play and Allegro.

Besides their client projects, GetInData | Part of Xebia also run webinars, share knowledge on blogs, create whitepapers, and offer thought leadership as the indispensable future of business. A recent highlight for the Kedro team was a presentation by our very own developer advocate, Juan Luis Cano, at GetInData | Part of Xebia’s conference, Big Data Tech Summit Warsaw, where he showed how to analyse your data at the speed of light with Polars and Kedro.

As we collaborate with GetInData | Part of Xebia, we are consistently impressed by every team member’s commitment to open source, to community and to sharing knowledge. Not only have they published a steady stream of content about Kedro in English, and recently in Polish too, but they are also actively engaged on our Slack organisation answering questions and supporting the community.

Finally, we’d like to highlight the GetInData | Part of Xebia’s plugins that extend Kedro for deployment on a range of popular platforms:

Deployment plugins

Find out more about the GetInData | Part of Xebia Kedro plugins from their GitHub repository

We will update Kedro's deployment documentation in the near future to help our users find out more about deployment using these plugins.

About Kedro and the Kedro Technical Steering Committee

Kedro is an open-source toolbox for production-ready data science. The framework was born at QuantumBlack to solve the challenges faced regularly in data science projects and promote teamwork through standardised team workflows. It is now hosted by the LF AI & Data Foundation as an incubating project.

The TSC is responsible for the project’s future development; you can read about our duties in our Technical Charter. We are happy to accept new members into the TSC to fuel Kedro’s continued development.

Find out more about Kedro

There are many ways to learn more about Kedro:

On this page:

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