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Databricks — 8 min read

How to integrate Kedro and Databricks Connect

In this blog post, Diego Lira explains how to use Databricks Connect with Kedro for a development experience that works completely inside an IDE.

Diego Lira

11 Aug 2023

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Databricks, Datasets — 10 min read

How to use Databricks managed Delta tables in a Kedro project

This post explains how to use a newly-released dataset for managed Delta tables in Databricks within your Kedro project.

Jannic Holzer

5 Jul 2023

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Databricks — 5 min read

How do data scientists combine Kedro and Databricks?

In recent research, we learned that Databricks is the dominant machine-learning platform used by Kedro users. We investigated aspects of our users' data science workflows to prioritise seamless Kedro usage, and we are collaborating with Databricks on our findings.

Jo Stichbury

14 Apr 2023