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In the pipeline: March 2024

From the latest news to upcoming events and interesting topics, “In the Pipeline” is overflowing with updates for the Kedro community.

12 Mar 2024 (last updated 12 Mar 2024)
In the pipeline

Release news

A new release of Kedro (version 0.19.3) went out last week. The main addition is the new %load_node line magic to load and debug nodes, compatible with IPython, Jupyter, VSCode, and Databricks. The feature means you can now prototype Kedro nodes faster in the notebook platform of your choice! You can find out more in the updated documentation. Kudos to @Nok Lam Chan for leading this feature!

Kedro-Viz version 8.0 has just been released. This new release adds publish and share Kedro-Viz hosting support for Azure and GCP, extending previous functionality for sharing on AWS. The release also introduces a new mechanism for adding previews for your own datasets.

There have also been recent releases of Kedro-Datasets (version 2.1.0) and the kedro-telemetry plugin (version 0.3.2). Check out the release notes for details.

Kedro talks and videos

Juan Luis will be giving a Kedro workshop at AMLD EPFL in Lausanne on March 24th. The talk is titled “Who needCatGPT? Rock Solid AI Pipelines with Hugging Face and Kedro”, and shows how to create a complex AI pipeline using Hugging Face transformers, turn it into a Kedro project, and deploy it to production. Check out the event schedule for more!

This week we published a new video on our channel. Juan Luis covers some of the highlights of recent Kedro releases (0.19.0 to 0.19.3), including the revamped documentation, the new project creation flow, a simpler way of using Kedro interactively, and the new %load_node magic function for debugging.

Team and contributor news

Here in the Kedro team at QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey, we are pleased to welcome Elena Khaustova, a machine learning engineer, who is going to be working with the Framework team.

We were pleased to see Kedro listed at number six in a recent DataCamp blog post of top MLOps tools. If you spot Kedro in an article or video, don’t forget to share it on the #resources channel on Slack. And if you make a video about Kedro, or write an article, don’t be shy! Add it to the channel and to the “Awesome Kedro” repository so others can find it!

Recently on the Kedro blog

That’s it for this edition!

Don’t forget that we also make regular Kedro updates on LinkedIn, on our Mastodon and on our increasingly popular Slack community. Keep an eye on the QuantumBlack LinkedIn feed too!

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