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In the pipeline: October 2023

From the latest news to upcoming events and interesting topics, “In the Pipeline” is overflowing with interesting updates for the Kedro community.

6 Oct 2023 (last updated 20 Nov 2023)
In the pipeline

This month: a roundup of September’s Kedro news: one award, two new Kedro maintainers, and many possible ways to become a Kedroid if you contribute during Hacktoberfest.

Kedro technical steering committee news

In September, we welcomed Yolan Honoré-Rougé to Kedro’s technical steering committee (TSC). Yolan is an external TSC member and we’ve interviewed him for a new section of this newsletter, “Meet the Kedroid”, which you’ll find below.

If you’re interested in joining the TSC, you can find out more about the responsibilities and requirements of a Kedro project maintainer over in our documentation.

Last month we also welcomed Mehdi Naderi Varandi to the Kedro team. Mehdi will be interning with us for the next 3 months and he has automatically become a member of the TSC.

Contributor news: Hacktoberfest

It’s October already! And that means…Hacktoberfest is upon us. We welcome any and all contributions, whether to code or documentation. Here's a list of possible Hacktoberfest Kedro issues on GitHub.

Pick up a Kedro issue during Hacktoberfest

Don’t forget to take a look at the guidance for contributors, and ask us if you’ve any questions, either on the individual GitHub issues, or over on Slack.

Kedro wins at TCUK 2023

Overall Winner Technical Communication Awards 2023

On September 26th, we were delighted to receive an award from the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators. The Kedro documentation (and the blog you're reading right now) placed as the overall winner in the UK Technical Communication Awards 2023, with the judges commenting:

The documentation and the blog are very impressive in the fulfilment of their brief. The simple, friendly and functional message was very evident throughout the documentation…The style of the blog is fresh and engaging with contributions from different writers. This is a very impressive entry and worthy winner of the UKTC Awards 2023 Trophy.

Meet the Kedroid


This month, we meet Yolan Honoré-Rougé, the latest member of the Kedro TSC.

Where are you located?

I work in Paris where I lead a data science team that aims at increasing operational efficiency and customer knowledge.

When did you start using Kedro, and why?

I started using Kedro in July 2019 (version 0.14.3 back then!). My main goal was to give structure to projects shared by a medium sized team (~15 staff), to ensure consistency and maintainability over the long haul. Kedro worked even better than I expected, and we’re still using it four years later!

How have you adapted Kedro to your projects?

I have built several plugins (either publicly, like kedro-mlflow, kedro-pandera and kedro-serving) and custom datasets to make kedro interact with various tools I am using, and I really enjoy the effort made to help kedro become very extensible.

What's next on your list of Kedro contributions now you've joined the TSC?

I'd love to help make Kedro easier to run from another app (e.g. an orchestrator or an API) because many users want this. I also want to make data validation essentially effortless through the kedro-pandera plugin.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Kedro's slack and on my personal github,

Recently on the Kedro blog

In the last few weeks we’ve published the following on the Kedro blog:

We’re always looking for collaborators to write about their experiences using Kedro, particularly if you’re working with Kedro datasets or converting an existing project to use Kedro. Get in touch with us on our Slack workspace to tell us your story.

What we’ve been reading

"The Heartbeat of Open Source: Recognizing Key Contributors in LF AI & Data’s Kedro Project" was published over on the LF AI & Data blog as part of the Foundation's initiative to honour developer contributors with recognition.

Last month, Piotr Chaberski from GetInData | Part of Xebia, wrote a blog post describing how to combine Kedro and Streamlit to build a simple LLM-based Reading Assistant.

The Data News newsletter highlighted a few articles relevant to the Kedro team, including and article on data modelling and another on data layers, using an alternative to the Kedro convention.

Joel and Alp have put together a synthesis of research related to deployment of Kedro to modern MLOps platforms. It describes the current state for deploying Kedro on enterprise-grade MLOps platforms and is well worth a read if you’re integrating Kedro with distributed, container-based systems.

Finally, if you write an article, podcast or video that discusses Kedro, let us know about on Slack, and add it to the “Awesome Kedro” repository so others can find it!

That’s it for this edition!

And that’s a wrap for this month. But if you can’t wait for next month’s In the Pipeline news, here’s a spoiler for some upcoming news. Our estimable product manager and developer advocate, Juan Luis Cano, has recently been in the recording studio, preparing a drop of some new Kedro video content…

Juan Luis in the studio

Don’t forget that we toot out regular Kedro updates onto Mastodon ( and across the popular channels of the Slack community. Keep an eye on the QuantumBlack LinkedIn feed too!

Don’t forget you can bookmark this blog or add our RSS feed to your favorite reader to stay in the loop and join us in October for another update from the Kedro team.

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